Following The Law – A Must In Today’s Society

previewLong time ago, people used to live in cages – there was nothing modern, no food and a so-called shelter that was used against wild animals. As time passed by, everything evolved – people started gathering in communities, they discovered the fire and the agriculture and things seemed to slowly get to what we have today.

However, ever since that time, there was someone who was ruling – in some places they called them “the elders”, while later the role of leadership was taken by those who were favored by destiny – the ruling families, wroyalith  blood, managed to set straight rules against what was observed to be bad.

One of the first laws that appeared was the one that contained punishments – what we now know as the penal law, it was back then a mixture of things that are forbidden, that contained both the interdiction and the punishment for breaking that rule.

However, today things are entirely different, and it’s a must to respect the laws, not just because one can expect punishments, but also because it sets the right behavior in certain situations.


Let’s take this one thing that seems to govern everyone’s lives – the money. As people were scammed in the past, those brilliant minds who knew how valuable the money are, have developed financial rules, that seem to evolve more and more, until we can use them as they are now.

Without these laws, nobody would be sure that he would be using his or her own money in good faith. There are plenty of financial institutions, and each state and country has its own rules about taxes and other regulations. Without those, there law-scale_and_hammerwould be no development and no economy, and everyone would still be living in the third world.

What Is Right

The truth about the laws is this – nobody has issued recently an unlawful or unjust law. This was something that was practiced long time ago, when the royal families who rules certain areas were interested in gaining only advantages, without offering people anything worthy.

Today, even if not everyone likes them, the laws are done by specialists who know exactly what needs to be done in a certain area. Taking the above example with the finances, if the state wouldn’t ask for taxes – nobody would pay anything – but the society couldn’t be able to evolve. There tax money is used for offering people the right infrastructure, which sets the basis for further evolution.

People Understand the Risks

As it happens, and as you certainly know, there are risks when breaking the law. It’s not just a psychological factor that determines people to obey and respect the law, but it’s also about the actual punishment that comes with breaking the law.

In every type of law, there are inserted punishments for doing or not doing something. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the finances or about the medical field. For example, if you don’t pay your taxes on time, you will pay a fine – however, in some cases, when you pay your taxes before the deadline, you will be offered a discount. Something similar happens when a medical law is broken – for example, when a patient suffers harm due to the doctor’s malpractice, that doctor will lose his or her medical license.

lawBecause of this, people have learnt – by experience – that it’s better to respect and obey the law, instead of breaking it. There are many rewards inserted in different rules and regulations, and even if you can’t know them all, there are specialized people who can help you out – the lawyers who are licensed in those areas.

It’s important to ask for legal advice and legal help whenever you feel like something is not clear in what you want to do – when buying or selling a house, when creating a business, when facing a charge, when dealing with a speeding ticket and so on. Each of these areas are complicated and if you’re not a specialist, it’s better to look for the right type of lawyer, just to make sure that you’re in advantage.